Two airports: one for international flights (Swanabum airport) and the other is for domestic flights (Dong Muang airport), (and some international flights to Asia).

For the Qataris : they can go directly to complete the passport procedures.
If they are accompanied by another nationalities, they shall submit an international vaccination certificate (yellow fever certificate, etc.). They have first to check any of Health Control Points spread in the corridor of Passport point (to save time) to complete the related procedures so as not to they are sent them back after arriving to the Passport points (please see Embassy Services page)

You can take a limousine from the airport. The regular cabs (taxis) are not recommended If this is your first visit to the Kingdom of Thailand (to avoid that the driver misleads the way), taking into account the following:

  • Make sure that you took all the belongings from the car after arriving to the residence place (hotel/ apartments).
  • Immediately record your data in the Qatari Embassy in Bangkok.

There is also the metro (upper train) for those who carry light baggage.

Through contacting/ coming to the Embassy headquarters or through its website www.qatarembassy.or.th  and click on (I am Here) http://www.qatarembassy.or.th/iamhere/iamhereform.htm

please check with the Consular Section of the Embassy and fill the form specified for this purpose (Form) and submit (1) a 2-inch photograph and a copy of the passport.

Please contact the traffic police / ambulance quickly and the hotline of Qatari Embassy in Bangkok (or seek anyone help to do so) on the following numbers:

  • Traffic Police: 1193
  • Flying squad: 191
  • Ambulance: 1669
  • Hotline of the Embassy:  +66615102679

Please make a record in the closest police station promptly and go direct to the Embassy and request a Laisse-Passer to return back to Qatar. You are required, then, to fill the form (Annex 4) and submit a copy of the passport (if any) or ID card.

Ask him to show you his identity, and make sure that he is an authorized person (Tourist Police) or the passport police.

Please be sure to contact the Embassy promptly (hotline) taking care not to make a statement unless after the arrival of the Legal Adviser of the Embassy.

  • Once you pick up a taxi, you will find a card including the driver's photo, name and the car's number (Please record these data as much as possible). Please let the driver stop at the entrance of the hotel or the apartment as most of them have cameras to monitor entering/ existing vehicles ( whereas the security write the vehicles' numbers).
  • When using the transportation means known as " Tuk Tuk" (especially at the rush hours), please consider the following: put the personal items and belongings under your feet safely and hold them (specially ladies pursues) to avoid some of the negative phenomena that appear between time to time during the peak of tourist season (stealing the ladies pursues/ small hand bags carried by men which may contain ATM cards and credit cards).