Do and Don't

  • Be careful not to accompany servants or accompanies with different nationalities to the Kingdom of Thailand without obtaining a prior visa, unless you are sure that they are of nationalities granted the entry visas upon arrival (as set forth in Annex 1). It is recommended to contact the Embassy of the Kingdom of Thailand in Doha in this regard (prior to departure).

  • Pay attention to the instructions listed in the electronic panels installed above the points specified to complete the entry procedures at the airport. These instructions direct those who have goods and commodities required to be declared to go to the Red Line (or disposed them of in the specific place) before arriving at customs points. These items include: hazardous materials, restricted or controlled goods, items exceeding the permitted limit and that should be subjected to the customs duties and taxes, and non-exempt items.

  • According to the Thai Custom Law, anyone is caught with the above mentioned after went to the Green Line, he is considered to be a smugglers. Consequently, a criminal record is opened against him or he is imprisoned (until being referred to the competent court) or the matter is settled with the competent authority through paying a fine and confiscating the seized quantity of tobacco.

  • The tobacco quantity allowed to be entered in the Kingdom of Thailand for one person is 200 cigarettes or (250) grams of tobacco (according to the State regulations). If entering Thailand within a group: each one shall carry the tobacco permitted quantity by himself before reaching the customs point. It is not allowed that one person carry all the quantity on the behalf of his companion (whether a family member, relatives or friends) as this breaches the regulations.

  • After arriving Thailand and completing the procedures, the Passports Officer put the entry seal on the passport and the departure card fixed on the passport. This card must be kept valid as it is required for departure. (In case this card is lost, please open a record in the closest police office and extract a new card instead of it from the Passport Department).

  • Do not reply on anyone interrupts you on the road (especially foreigners) who offers some services including, housing / recreational programs / medical examination and treatment in hospitals offers (chiromancy) etc. In addition, Do not reply on anyone asks questions to you (such as Where are you from? can I see your country's currency?, however you must go to the licensed tourism agencies and offices when you need such services.