Word from the Ambassador Mr. Jassim Bin Abdulrahman Al Thani

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Greetings, I would like, first, to welcome you in this website, The State of Qatar is connected with the Kingdom of Thailand through friendship and cooperation relations at all levels established by our national wise leadership who laid the foundation required for their development. I will always exert my efforts to strengthen the relations between the two countries in the political, economic, cultural, scientific, educational, media and various other areas of cooperation, hoping to bring these relations to new heights to achieve the common interest and benefit for the two countries and their friendly peoples. Following the same steps I will make all the endeavors to documentize the friendship and cooperation. I intend also to develop my homeland's relations with Lao People's Democratic Republic (referred to the embassy). I am looking forward to upgrade the relations of the two countries to meet the their friendly governments and their people. On the basis of the full consideration and attention paid for the Qatari Citizen by our wise leadership: this embassy is implementing it is assigned duties related to considering the affairs and interests of Qatari Citizens, especially the ones travel to the kingdom of Thailand for treatment, and to overcome all difficulties that they may encounter. In addition, to submit the best services for those citizens during their stay in Thailand through coordination with the Medical Office in Bangkok. Finally, I would like to thank you for visiting the website of the Qatari Embassy in Bangkok. I would like to express, for myself and on behalf of my colleagues the members of the mission, our complete willingness in the embassy to answer all your questions through this website, by telephone, or e-mail, aiming at the benefit and wellness of our valued homeland and its generous people.


Jassim Bin Abdulrahman Bin Mohammed Al Thani

Information: Qatar's ambassador in Thailand

Date of Birth: 15/06/1972

Joined service in the Ministry on: 27/7/1996


Educational Qualifications

Qatari General Certificate for Secondary Education (GCSE) 1994

Work Experience

  • Assigned to the Department of European and American affairs from 27.07.1996 to 22.08.2000.
  • Assigned to the office of HE. Minister of State for Foreign Affairs from 23.08.2000 to 31.08.2001.
  • Assigned to the Qatari Embassy in Cairo from 01.09.2001 to 31.08.2005.
  • Assigned to the Department of Arab Affairs from 05.09.2005 to 13.08.2008.
  • Assigned to the Qatari Embassy in Riyadh from 14.08.2008 to 02.08.2012.
  • Assigned to GCC Affairs Department from 28.08.2012 to 03.08.2014.
  • Assigned to the Qatari Embassy in Abu Dhabi from 04.08.2014 to 06.08.2015.
  • Appointed as Assistant Director of the GCC Affairs Department from 10.09.2016 till September 2016.
  • Obtained several promotions until he received the grade of Consultant from 01.01.2012.

Current Diplomatic Status

The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Qatar in the Kingdom of Thailand

Marital Status

Married with four sons and a daughter.